Don Wade, MARC Club President
Come operate the Club station at Field Day!

We had an awesome 2022 FD- “one to remember” & “for the books!”


The Rankl family went above and beyond for this FD and it’s success. Everyone I saw said they were having a good time. All positive reports!


We can only hope future Field Days go as well as this one.


Seeing the young fellows flying the model airplanes (and getting them stuck in trees) and flying the kite I gave them was also great. All the while their dad (Igor, K8INN) helped with setup and operating of the CW station.


Dave, WD8AYE, and his wife stopped before going home to Louisville while driving back from a family event in Toledo. I found that amazing and his Stark CO EOC ESF 2 gave us 100 points for the club. If I had driven that far I would have said heck with FD and went straight home. Thanks Dave!


I think we also had the most XYL’s visit us as well. And what about the great food there? BBQ chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, and lots of homemade food as well.


Two of our members live in area assisted living units and both made it out thanks to fellow hams who picked them up and brought them out. WC8W, Gary, and KG8IRJ, Paul. So glad they were there! I was told Gary made some HF phone contacts and I know Paul made phone contacts on our GOTA station on HF. Both are limited to VHF in their living quarters. Gary was assisted by Mike, KE8EHG, and Paul by Fred, KD8SMO.


I want to thank our 6 meter (50.4) friends, Mark, AC8CL, and group for displaying the vintage military gear and operating from his van. If you haven't see his equipment you are missing something. He really has a “mobile military museum plus all the gear IS operational.


As president I want to thank everyone- club members and guests who may be reading this. I hope you will join us at a future club meeting.


A good time to visit is one week from today- the annual Ice Cream Social Aug. 5th. We will be meeting outdoors at the park! See details here in the newsletter or at W8NP.net.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns please let us know by emailing me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Over FD we had a total of 61 folks sign in, and there may have been more. That is a great turn out! Be safe. Be careful of the heat. See you 8/5 at the park for Ice Cream!!!



Don, W8DEA- President

Massillon Amateur Radio Club