Don Rankl, our MARC President



Why “do” Ham Radio? Why “do” anything? In this crazy world that we live in today, it’s always a challenge to be involved in anything that doesn’t involve politics, religion, hierarchy, or people. Amateur Radio both passes the test, and at times fails the test.

At MARC we are striving to provide an atmosphere, although not by any means a utopia, that enhances as much good as possible when it comes to the hobby of amateur radio.

Some people don’t like meetings or crowds and others can talk to a group of folks for hours about all of their latest projects. Some like “hands-on” stuff, and still others prefer a quiet existence at home in their shack or working at their bench. No matter how you approach it, there are always going to be a wide variety of people to be found in any organization.

We hope you feel that we are a place where you can be who you are when it comes to amateur radio.

If renewing your membership once a year and never attending a single event or function is your speed we’re glad to have you! If you never miss a single goings-on and you can’t wait for the next hamfest or meeting we’re delighted that we can be here for you. MARC pursues a relentless approach of being a “breath of fresh air” when it comes to being involved with and enhancing your own personal knowledge of one of the greatest hobbies on earth. But know this- however you choose to proceed with this lifelong journey it will somehow involve people.

You might be surprised to find that contributing 'who' you are and 'what' you can bring to the table for others is a rather fulfilling endeavor. It produces dividends that far outweigh each of us individually.

We never strive for perfection, but we do strive to continue this journey with the single most important idea of this hobby being FUN! If it’s not fun, then there are hundreds of other things you can do on your ham journey that will be. Whether you never touch a radio or attend a meeting know that we will be here to help you further the process in whatever way you enjoy!

We do encourage everyone to stick their foot in the water and try something new from time to time. Be patient, kind, and welcoming. Also, be aware that everyone longs to be involved with a cause that is going somewhere.

There is so much to look forward to in 2024! Stick your foot in the water and join us at an upcoming meeting or operating event. Field Day is coming up soon.

Why not reignite your spark for amateur radio and plan to stop by for a minute and meet some great folks who are associated with MARC



Don Rankl – N8IVJ