ARES Training Soon!

ARES - (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) - Training coming soon!


Whether you've been around a long time, or you're just getting started in ham radio, amateurs in Stark County will have the opportunity to learn more about and will be able to formally participate in ARES in the coming months!


There is an updated, invigorated and organized system that is now in place, and it will be available to anyone who might be interested. This is yet another opportunity that the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League), in conjunction with our local governments and communities, wholeheartedly supports and administrates!


For many years, all that was required, was a warm body and an HT! In the sometimes-complicated world that exists these days, there was a realization that improved training and certifications should be included going forward. Don't let any of this scare you! None of the ARES program excludes or prohibits certain individuals or license classes from pursuing. This opportunity is available to all licensed amateurs.


The programs & training will help all of us "get up to speed" with this most important approach to public awareness, safety & service to Ohio and beyond.


As amateur radio operators, we strive for continual learning, advancement, training & service to the communities that we live and work in each day.  Stay-tuned to your local Alliance Amateur Radio Club, Canton Amateur Radio Club - W8AL or Massillon Amateur Radio Club - W8NP for more information in the coming months.


(Special Thanks to Dave Beltz (WD8AYE) - ARES Amateur Radio/ Emergency Coordinator for Stark County)