MARC is participating in Winter Field Day for the first time this year!

MARC Winter Field Day 2023

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What is Winter Field Day about?


Winter Field Day is sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association with the belief that ham radio operators need to practice portable emergency communications in the winter setting. We all know weather, natural disasters and other emergencies are unpredictable so being prepared is vital to being successful.


With that being said, the main objective is to set up an amateur radio field station and successfully make multiple contacts AND have fun. Successful participants are those who can set up their equipment and correctly log the designated exchange during the operational period explained below. Nevertheless, the term contest is used loosely so don’t get too preoccupied on the WFD rules. The idea is to just have fun and talk about weather conditions and so on. For more on WFD www.winterfieldday.org 


Having said that, MARC will be participating in Winter Field Day this year, and YOU are invited!



Rodney G Kline Museum
22 Federal Ave NE
Massillon OH 44646


January 28th & 29th
2pm through 1:59pm local time


Setup will begin around 11am Saturday 1/28. We will be operating for 24 hours from beginning at 2pm Saturday through 1:59pm Sunday.


On Saturday 1/28 the building will be open to the general public 3pm to 8pm and again Sunday 1/29 from 11am to 1pm. I don't really anticipate anyone stopping by but going to try. For safety at least two (2) people should be in the building at all times. If you would like to stay for the late shift, please let me know what times you will be there.


For further information please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.