August 27th is the Ohio QSO Party

The Ohio QSO Party is an opportunity for amateur radio operators around the world to celebrate the great state of Ohio. It is always held on the 4th Saturday of August (the 27th- this year). Founded by N8VW, the Ohio QSO Party allows amateurs outside the state of Ohio to make contact with as many Ohio stations as possible. Non-Ohio stations may work only Ohio stations, while Ohio stations may contact anyone.

If you are a ham we invite you to explore the Ohio QSO Party website site The Ohio QSO Party™ | A QSO Party the way a QSO Party should be. Youll find the rules, past scores, planned operations for this years event, scoring records and more.

If youre not a ‘ham’ and this sounds like a foreign language to you, please visit the American Radio Relay League web site. The ARRL site has resources that explain amateur radio and how you can become licensed and join in the fun. We frequently have licensing exams right here in Massillon.