MARC meets the 1st Friday of every month at 7:30 at the Senior Center in Massn

Don Rankl, N8IVJ, MARC Club President has announced that beginning in February the format of our Club meetings has changed. 

Don said, "We have also changed the format of our meetings going forward. The program will be presented first - following the presentation, those who wish to leave may do so, or join us for a short business meeting followed by refreshments." so-

1. Presentation

2. Short Business Meeting (for those who wish to stay)

3. Refreshments and fellowship with other hams! 

Moving forward our meeting emphasis will be centered around topics of interest to local hams and learning & education. To accomplish this goal, we are inviting speakers and presenters to our club meetings. Topics each month will be published here and in the club newsletter and Facebook page. 

If you would like to recommend a topic, or perhaps present at a meeting, please let us know. You can simply advise one of our club officers or send us an email at club@w8np.net.