Club POTA 11/4 nets contacts...

MARC POTA update!

We have gone out 3 times; once at Jackson Bog (K-9415) and twice at Portage Lakes (K-1984). Each park has one successful activation. The unsuccessful activation at Portage Lake was due to equipment failure.

There are 141 contacts with 74 parks hunted and 23 park to park contacts. 22 states and 2 Canadian Provinces. However, there are 56 additional contacts starting in 1995, looking at the dates most were during ARRL Field Day, with a few from Winter Field Day and NVIS Day this year. We are doing pretty well so far.

Ryan, KE8SDQ, reports that our latest attempt, 11/4, netted 48 contacts. Some 20 members operated, and 4 stations were used/and or tested in the process.